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State of the art kit ..

SAM has invested £1M in ensuring that SME’s engaged on the project have access to industry leading advanced technology and equipment, providing the opportunity to test out advancements in their sector prior to making substantial financial investment. It is often costly and disruptive to trial/test processes within a production environment, so the facilities give the SME a safe space in which to do so.

The equipment also gives SMEs the ability to develop/improve and refine prototypes making them ready for manufacture or to gain investment to manufacture.
We provide knowledge transfer opportunities via various workshops and events throughout the project lifetime.

Five Distinct Factories

Prototype and Innovation Factory

Housing various 3D printers (including metal printing) welding technology and design software (Solidworks/Catia).

Improvement Factory

What is Industry 4.0 and what does it mean to your business? We aim to show SME’s that I4 does not have to mean huge investments in futuristic equipment.

Implementation of smaller capital investments and sensors providing data collection can make significant improvements to your current capacity and capability.

Digital Factory

Includes ‘digital twin’ capability via Flexsim software and expertise as well as supporting your ability to interact with new technology relevant to the training and development of process operators and technical maintenance safely without interrupting production through the use of virtual reality and augmented reality eye tracking.

Production Factory

Housing a variety of CNC machines, robot pick and place cell, automated guided vehicle (AVG) robot, welding cell and ancillary equipment which opens up a vast array of opportunities for SME’s to see where this type of technology can fit into their business.

Knowledge Transfer Factory

SAM offers support with industry software and techniques to benefit your business. This includes (but not limited to) knowledge transfer in ..

•    Solidworks
•    CAD
•    Flexsim
•    Intro to Industry 4.0
•    Additive Manufacturing