SAM Observatory

Our technical support staff and researchers are constantly engaged across a broad range of process and technology.  Here is a cross section of topics and developments that can positively impact on your business.


Latest developments in automation


Robotics information here.

Augmented Reality

PTC have made Vuforia Chalk platform free until the end of August.  Chalk is a simple multi-platform tool specifically supporting remote support scenarios.

Additive Manufacturing

In response to COVID-19 crisis, additive manufacturing played a huge role in addressing multiple challenges.  3D printing inparticularly, was instrumental in meeting short scale demand for PPE and respiratory parts.
This article explains some of the challanges and responses to these.

Logistics and supply chain

The global crisis resulted in large scale inturruption of supply chains.  Companies trying to re-start their operation.  Here we discuss some of the challenges and approaches to facing these with .. youtube link ..