Our Impact: Case Studies

We engage with SME's across a wide range of areas, arising from this contact we generate case studies and examples of best practice.

CASE STUDY - Applying 360 degree/ video technology in manufacturing contexts.

Run by SAM in conjunction with Dyer Engineering Ltd. & SynergyVR.

The original premise of the study was to explore the potential for SME’s to demonstrate their business and manufacturing performance by using 360 degree camera technology and scanning equipment on site.
Specifically to explore the potential for full site 3D ‘scanning’ and “stereo” 360° 8K (Future Proof) video to be used in support of a range of outputs, including factory tours, staff induction, promotion of services, training and audit.

The project has been carried out between Dyer Engineering Ltd and SynergyVR, alongside SAM support for research and subsequent dissemination, demonstrating to SME’s the process, work involved, implementation strategies, efficacy, ROI and potential application(s).

The ‘real world’ study demonstrates the effectiveness of virtual learning and training environments in accelerating learning, quickening production and lowering costs.  How they could be used, for example, to speed up the recruitment process, support a targeted candidate experience and attract the best talent.

As the case study progressed other opportunities for the application of the technology and process emerged.

The images below are taken from the study, the full PDF can be downloaded here.

Aerial view of Dyer Engineering
SAM Case study with Dyer Engineering
Dolls house view of dyer engineering