Webinar series

Augmented Reality: Effective manufacturing applications and business models

Free Webinar Series: The Road to Virtual & Augmented Adoption.

Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing (SAM) Project are running a series of free online events looking at Virtual & Augmented Reality and how they can be applied and bring benefit to manufacturing and industrial contexts.

Throughout the series SAM will be joined by major solutions providers, giving insights into best practice, pathways to successful adoption whilst also demonstrating real-world case studies.

The next in the series ‘Road to Virtual & Augmented Adoption’ is on March 3rd 10 to 11am, featuring Concurrent Engineering who bring over 25 years experience to the field.

This webinar has now passed. A recording will be available soon, if you would like to view this please contact roger.thomas@sunderland.ac.uk

Concurrent Engineering will join the SAM team to look at how and why companies are identifying use cases for Augmented Reality.

The remote workforce has delivered a new normal and the time for adoption is now.

We will share with you:

  •  Industry Trends
  •  Available Tools
  • How To Get Started
A real world case studies will be demonstrated and discussed.

AR can offer unique solutions to unique challenges however identifying these and establishing a strategy is not easy. This session will look at identifying the right solution, what it might bring and how to build a successful strategy for implementation. SAM and Concurrent will share insights and help in identifying business cases or initiatives to get started.

All sessions are free and include the opportunity for Q&A. Register using the SAM Eventbrite page.

To register via Eventbrite click here.

If you missed the first two sessions in the series and would like access, please email: roger.thomas@sunderland.ac.uk

‘The Road to Virtual and Augmented Adoption’ is a series of online events looking at practical applications of Virtual & Augmented Reality, how they can be applied and bring benefit to manufacturing and industrial contexts.
Throughout the series we’ll be joined by major solutions providers who will bring their experience and insights into successful strategies and adoption, as well as demonstrating authoring ‘tools’ and real-world case studies.